Daughter's Pigeon Toes Straightened &

Mother's Breast Cysts Gone!


"My name is Gladys and I want to thank you for your healing crusade service here in Toronto Canada last summer!  In September of 2006, my two-year-old daughter Rachelle was playing in the yard with my son.  While running, she fell flat on the ground.  I ran to comfort her and I saw that her lower lip was bleeding.  I was frantic when I noticed her two front teeth went through her lower lip causing a hole, so I rushed my daughter to the hospital. The doctor who attended her advised me to seek a podiatrist to find out the cause of why she fell.  I couldn’t believe when the doctor told me that my daughter seemed to be born with in-toeing, and that she needed an orthotic and special shoe to correct her feet.

There was not much we could do except hope this shoe would correct the bones in her feet.  As she grows, it gives her a lot of discomfort and severe pain.  I have to massage her feet almost every night.  There were days that I couldn’t take her to school because of lack of sleep from her pain.  I even bought her a foot massager.

I myself have gone through a lot of breast lump examinations.  I have gone to my family doctor, a health care clinic, and Lakeridge Hospital in Oshawa for ultrasounds, mammograms, and an MRI.  It started in 2009 when I felt two round lumps in my left breast.  At first I ignored them.  Not long after that the lumps started causing me discomfort and constant pain even in my sleep and would keep me awake all night.

A friend of mine told me to come to Pastor Billy Burke’s healing crusade last July.  A few weeks prior to coming to your meeting, I made sure that my daughter and I watched the testimonies that are available on your website.  Because of your videos, we’ve watched so many people be healed by the power of the Holy Spirit!  I loved your own testimony and how the Holy Spirit touched and healed you through Kathryn Kuhlman’s meeting!  Each time we watched them, I would imitate your grandmother saying to you that, “When she touches you, you will be healed.” 

I used the same words your grandmother told you to tell my daughter, “When he touches you, you are healed.

At the meeting, you started calling people that have breast cysts to line up.  I knew that you were calling me.  I brought my daughter with me to be touched for her healing as well. 

You asked my daughter what was wrong, and with her little voice she explained to you that she has crooked feet.  You said you couldn’t see the problem so I told you to let her walk.  It was then that you noticed her in-toeing feet.  In front of the crowd, you prayed in the name of Jesus and commanded the bones to be straight.  Then you said, “Let her walk again”  and this time her feet were indeed walking straight!  I was overjoyed and overwhelmed that God listened to you!  Everyone was yelling and screaming Hallelujah!  God had manifested His glory to my daughter. 

My testimony isn’t finished there, because after we got home and went to bed, I woke up in the morning and the lumps on my breast had disappeared.  Hallelujah!  The Holy Spirit also touched me and dissolved the lumps that were in my breast!

I got excited all over again to think that my daughter was healed, and here I am totally healed too!!  I have told all of my family who are in Canada as well as outside the country.  I told all of my friends about our healing and that Jesus is alive and does miracles even today!  I also went back that very night to your healing crusade testifying about how God is so good.  My daughter, my son and I are so thankful! Thank you so much for your powerful ministry!   I have no words but thank you Jesus, and thank you Pastor Billy! We are so incredibly grateful!"

- Gladys S. (Oshawa, Ontario)