“Covering the Nations with His Presence and Power!”


Cover the Nations is a ministry of intercessory prayer for all people from every kindred, tribe and nation. A called out core of people who care at a high level for Revival around the world! A voice crying in the wilderness that this Gospel of Jesus Christ would be heard, believed and received!


Crying Out For...

United States

The Seven Kingdoms

Religion Arts Music
Politics Military
Finances Media Technology
10 40 Windows
The Church

Join with us in prayer and in faith, believing for an invasion of the Holy Spirit in to these designated areas, that:

  1. Laborers would be sent!
  2. His Word would have free course!
  3. Eyes and Ears would be opened to the love of God!
  4. All resources needed would be manifested!
  5. Millions and millions of souls would be saved!
  6. The church of Jesus would catch fire!
  7. Strategies of the devil would be destroyed!