The Mission of the Miracle Center World Outreach & Billy Burke Ministries is:

  • To wholeheartedly share the man, the message, and the mission of Jesus Christ and his plan of salvation for all mankind.

  • To wholeheartedly utilize all means possible to expose and educate this mission through public meetings, training centers, television, radio, internet, CD’s, DVD’s, and all publications.

  • To wholeheartedly reach out to all kindred, tongues and tribes with all forms of humanitarian aid available (food, clothes, medicine, vitamins, etc.)

  • To wholeheartedly raise a global awareness that God transcends all human limitation and that through faith in Him, all things are possible.

  • To wholeheartedly make a difference in lives, cities, nations and the world with all assets at hand, such as all knowledge, all monies, all personnel, and all equipment entrusted for this cause.

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