Kathryn Kuhlman

1907 - 1976

Kathryn Kuhlman

The ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman began in 1933 and covered a time span of approximately 43 years. She was a very unique instrument that the Holy Spirit was able to use in a very unique way. Her meetings were filled with the tangible presence of God, and healing and miracles became a regular part of her services. She was a woman of great humility and was very careful to give all the glory to Jesus. She strongly resisted being called a “Faith-Healer”, and actually would only receive being called a “Hand Maiden” of the Holy Spirit. Kathryn often said that she was not God’s first choice for her assignment. She knew that a man was initially chosen for that role, but because he said no to the Holy Spirit, it then came to her and she said “Yes”. After many different phases of her ministry, Ms. Kuhlman made a permanent move to Pittsburgh, PA where she began to launch into a worldwide ministry. She would often say that her ministry was not to be connected to any one building. She knew that some were called to buildings but not Kathryn Kuhlman.

"Thank you, Kathryn, for your simplicity, your teachings on the Holy Spirit, your emphasis on the surrendered life and most of all, for paying the price to be who you were, and to do what you did."
- Pastor Billy Burke


Thank You to My Grandmother & Mother

Pastor Billy Mother and Grandma

My grandmother and mother introduced me to Kathryn Kuhlman at the age of 9. With just days to live due to terminal illness, my grandmother planted a seed of faith and told me, “Kathryn will touch you and you will be healed!”

At death’s door I never knew of Kathryn, never had asked to meet her, didn’t know she was one of God’s chosen vessels. However, God had a plan and through my grandmother the connection and the seed was put into place.

Thanks Mam, for your dedication, love and obedience to the Holy Spirit.

Love, Billy


Original postcard of Kathryn Kuhlman with Pope Paul VI in 1972.




Cowboy image that appeared in Ms. Kuhlman's healing crusade in the Midwest.

"Miss Kuhlman had just announced something about the Western atmosphere and that the Holy Spirit whom she loved had a real sense of humor, and said, "If we could see Him right here I am sure He'd be dressed in cowboy boots with spurs and a cowboy hat." Just at that moment someone in the audience snapped this picture of Ms. Kuhlman on the stage!"


Photos from Pastor Billy’s
Private Collection

Personal letter from Ms. Kuhlman to Pastor Billy's grandmother
Personal letter from Ms. Kuhlman to Pastor Billy's grandmother
Kathryn Kuhlman (right) with her mother (left)
Kathryn Kuhlman's Las Vegas Healing Crusade
Kathryn Kuhlman with Pope Paul VI in 1972
Ms. Kuhlman

Kathryn Kuhlman Oil Painting

Oil painting that hung in Kathryn’s office for 25 years. Donated to Pastor Billy & the ministry by Thelma Lee R. from Holland, OH who worked for Ms. Kuhlman for several years.


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